Who we work with


We can partner with you, whether you are a project manager, an event organiser, an author, a writer, a fellow editor and proofreader, a fellow translator or interpreter, a graphic designer or a publisher.

Novo Verbo operates in the languages industry, servicing clients who need support to provide written and spoken texts in English and Spanish, either to end users or to other agents in the text production chain.  Novo Verbo’s services can arise at any point along that chain, depending on the type of client, the structure of the particular text production project and the nature of the service required.

Wherever you are on the text production value chain, if you want your text prepared and quality assured by the same people you contract, we aim to be your first port of call.

Novo Verbo is a small business owned and operated by professional linguists.  We are passionate about language and about great communication in and between the Spanish and English languages.  We earn our living by doing what we love, not by generating volume and then administering the text production and quality assurance process through third parties.

Our most notable clients to date include:


COSAS Magazine



Palladium Group

Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

El Comercio Publishing Group

World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA)

PODER Magazine

Fábrica de Ideas