Our team

Novo Verbo consists of two outstanding individuals, mature linguists with formidable professional histories and a record of leadership in the translation and interpreting sector.

These professionals will personally prepare or quality assure your Spanish and English written texts and perform or supervise your spoken interpretation between Spanish and English.

Sandra Capcha

Owner and Director

Prior to founding Novo Verbo, Sandra had a twelve-year career with the editorial team for the political page of Peru’s daily newspaper of record, El Comercio.  In this role Sandra undertook translations and provided support to leading Peruvian political and economic journalists and commentators.  She also organised interviews, round tables and debates for national political personalities including candidates at presidential and municipal level, liaising with the offices of the President, Ministers and the Congress.

Sandra has also worked as a freelance translator and interpreter for over 20 years.

Sandra has a degree of Bachelor of Translation and Interpreting Studies (Peruvian Sacred Heart Female University,  1995), a Diploma of Business Management Studies (Ricardo Palma University, 2008).  She is currently undertaking the following programs:  Masters of Translation and Interpreting (University of Buenos Aires), Conference and Consecutive Interpreting Course (Buenos Aires Centre for the Training of Interpreters and Translators), Diploma in Text Editing (Eduardo Mallea Institute Buenos Aires).

Sandra is a member of the Peruvian College of Translators.  From March 2013 to September 2014 she was the Dean of College and concurrently Treasurer of the Peruvian National Council of Professional College Deans.

Alex Jefremov

Principal Associate

Prior to joining Novo Verbo, Alex served for 20 years in the Australian Government`s Department of Foreign Affairs Portfolio, designing, managing and administering international aid projects, working at Australian diplomatic missions in the South Pacific and in Latin America.  Amongst his many responsibilities over the course of this career, Alex drafted a huge body of policy and program design texts, and highly complex tender and contractual documents for multimillion dollar projects, in the English language.

Alex has a Bachelor of Arts (Australian National University, 1989), a Graduate Diploma of Modern Languages – Spanish (University of Canberra, 2006), a Masters of TESOL and Foreign Language Teaching (University of Canberra, 2009), a Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (Cervantes Institute, 2012), a Masters of Translation Studies (Monash University, 2012), a Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (International House, 2015), and a Certificate in Editing and Proofing (Australian College of Writing and Journalism).

Alex is certified as a Professional Translator from Spanish into English by the Australian National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI).  He is a member of the Australian Association for Literary Translation and the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.

Alex`s translation of the Spanish language story Primeros Dias Portenos, is  published in the Monash University literary journal Colloquy.

Other associates

During periods of peak workflow, or for written texts and interpretations of a highly specialized nature and for quality assurance revision of written texts prior to submission to the client, Novo Verbo is able to draw upon support from a diverse range of trusted associates.  Each associate interpreter, translator or translation reviser has a university-level Spanish or English language qualification and/or membership of the national translating and interpreting professional association or certification authority of Peru, or Australia, or of the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina).