Editing and proofreading services

English and Spanish written texts


Editing and proofreading are important quality assurance processes to ensure excellence in the production of written texts.

Editing aims to ensure a text is “well written”.  This can include:

♦ identifying and ironing out factual error, ambiguity, internal contradiction and inconsistency, redundancy, repetition, duplication and omission

♦ ensuring cohesion and coherence, though choice of appropriate discourse markers, and by logical structuring of arguments at sentence, paragraph and whole-of-text level

♦ ensuring adherence to Spanish and English language and genre-specific conventions and “rules of thumb” such as sentence and paragraph length and appropriate choice of grammatical structures.

Proofreading aims to ensure a text is free of errors and inconsistencies related to spelling and punctuation, formatting, cross-referencing and indexing.

Novo Verbo quality controllers are fully trained 

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Our consultants have undertaken formal training in techniques for the editing and proofreading of English and Spanish language texts  They also have vast experience as text authors, resulting in deep knowledge of the grammatical, spelling and punctuation rules of each written language, as well as the relevant best practice style guides and genre conventions.

Novo Verbo quality controllers have experience with a wide range of texts

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We have edited and proofread documents such as: government contracts; tender and procurement documents/specifications; government policy documents; secure diplomatic communications; speeches for high level officials and politicians; publicity and public relations materials for governments and civil society; terms of reference and design documentation for international projects; marketing brochures and sales materials for the private sector; short stories; academic writing; curricula vitae and job applications; forms; minutes; formal letters and correspondence; records of meetings and minutes.

Novo Verbo’s English and Spanish language editing and proofreading service combines with its translation service

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Our quality controllers are also trained and experienced translators. Should a client wish, we can enhance the quality of the English or Spanish language source text prior to translating that text into the other language.


Novo Verbo’s English and Spanish language editing and proofreading service is available for peer translators

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To ensure the continual raising of standards across the translation industry, we encourage our peers in the industry to adopt, as we have, European quality standard for translation UNE EN-15038:2006.  Our editing and proofreading service is available to our industry peers, so that they can comply with the requirement to have their translations between Spanish and English independently quality assured, prior to submission to the client.

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