Other language services


Novo Verbo consultants can also provide:


Original drafting of written documents in English and Spanish.

English and Spanish language teaching:

♦ Personalized tutoring and coaching for individuals.
♦ Design and delivery of general and specialized language classes to small groups.

Transcription of audio or audio visual English and Spanish texts into written format.

Cultural communication advice for Latin American individuals, groups and businesses interacting with clients in Anglophone countries, particularly Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Cultural communication advice for individuals, groups and businesses from the Anglophone language and cultural tradition working with Latin American clients, particularly Peru and Argentina.

Services and advice tailored to the needs of clients in a wide range of applied linguistics topics, including: English and Spanish language phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics; language learning theory and practice; translation and interpretation theory and practice.

Services and advice related to international aid and development projects financed by governments, by organisations of the United Nations system, by international financial institutions and by the civil society/not-for-profit sector, including:

♦ Design and risk management (and associated drafting of English language documentation).
♦ English language drafting of procurement and tendering documentation and specifications.

Whilst Novo Verbo personnel specialize in the Spanish and English language pair, through trusted associates, Novo Verbo can also provide translations of:

♦ Portuguese and French written texts into Spanish.
♦ Spanish texts into Portuguese.
♦ Portuguese texts into English.
♦ French texts into English.

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