Preparing technical user manuals in accordance with the Simplified Technical English standard

Simplified Technical English (STE) is a controlled version of written English developed and maintained by the AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD).  The STE standard ensures the clearest and most consistent use of English in the drafting of technical user manuals.  STE recognises that poorly written user manuals can be difficult for native users of English to understand and almost impossible for non-native users.  STE assists in the management of safety and other risks that present for operators and servicers of sophisticated and potentially dangerous plant and equipment.


Novo Verbo specializes in the editing of English language technical user manuals into STE

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An existing English language manual not written using STE may present risks, particularly if it describes the operation of equipment that can easily be damaged or easily cause damage.  We can help reduce this risk by editing such manuals into STE.

Novo Verbo translators are amongst the few worldwide to have received authorized training in the application of STE

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Our consultants specialize in the translation of Spanish language user technical manuals into STE.  We can also apply many of the principles of STE to the editing of Spanish language user technical manuals, prior to translating them into STE.  This service provides a client with an international standard STE version and a superior original text in Spanish.

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