Subtitling services

  • Spanish audio visual productions into English
  • English audio visual productions into Spanish

Subtitling is a specialized subset of translation that combines written text with the spoken word.  It is used for audio visual materials produced most often for cinema, television and the Internet.  It aims to accurately convey in the target language, through written text appearing on the screen, the information and meaning conveyed verbally in the source language by the characters or participants appearing in the audio visual production.

Subtitling is challenging work.  Subtitling requires deep linguistic knowledge of the source language, and in particular the colloquial varieties of language often appearing in audio visual productions.  Subtitlers must operate within technical limits of two lines of written text and 37 characters per line.  They must time the appearance of the words on the screen to coincide with the timing of the speaker’s utterances.

Novo Verbo subtitlers are fully trained

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Our consultants are trained in the international conventions regarding the linguistic content and presentation of audio visual subtitles. We are trained in use of the most efficient computer software to provide the most accurate and highest quality subtitles.

Novo Verbo subtitlers specialize in informative audio visual productions from Spanish into English

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We service businesses in emerging Latin American economies, particularly Peru, that seek to export their goods and services and require English language subtitling of their audio visual publicity and marketing materials.  We also service Latin American organizations funded by government and civil society.  Increasingly, these organizations promote their services to communities on a variety of audio visual platforms.   The growing importance of English as international language means there is an increasing need for these services to carry English language subtitles.

Novo Verbo subtitlers are versatile

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With our extensive qualifications and linguistic training, we can also subtitle cinematic and television material, of a fictional and creative nature, such as dramatic, action or comedic productions. We collaborate with each other to ensure the scriptwriter’s linguistic choices and the contribution of these to the intended dramatic effect are fully recognized and properly translated to preserve the effect in the target language.

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