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  • English written texts into Spanish

  • Spanish written texts into English

Translation is the art of representing words written in one language (the source language/the source text) into another language in writing (the target language/the target text).  Translation aims to ensure that a reader of the target text correctly obtains all information and meaning contained in the source text.  For many texts, translation also aims to generate for the consumer of the target text the same reading experience that the source text author intended for the source text reader.

High quality translation requires a human translator, as opposed to machine translation by a computer.  It requires comprehension of the technical issues that written texts often describe and contain.  It relies on deep linguistic knowledge of the source and target languages, as well as knowledge of cultural norms that influence language choice and use in the respective languages.  It depends on knowledge of source and target language written genres.  It demands a flair for good writing.


Novo Verbo translators are highly qualified and tested

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Our consultants have university qualifications in translation and are certified by national translation accreditation authorities.

Novo Verbo translators quality-assure and observe codes of ethics

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For translations into English we are bound to observe the Australian Institute of Translators and Intepreters Code of Ethics. We voluntarily comply with the European quality standard for translation UNE EN-15038:2006.


Novo Verbo translators work only into their native language

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Whilst it is possible for translators working into their non-native language to correctly convey information and meaning, we know that the best results are achieved by translators who are native users of the target language and who are accomplished writers in that language.


Novo Verbo translators currently specialize in the following written genres: newspaper and magazine articles; international aid and development publications, project documentation and contracts; works of literary fiction; promotional and advertising material

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Our translators are also trained in discourse analysis.  This equips them to research and master the Spanish or English vocabulary and grammatical norms of any written genre or language domain and so provide translations in a broad range of areas and for a broad range of purposes.

Novo Verbo translators use the most sophisticated translation memory software available

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Our translators are fully trained in SDL Trados 2015.  This tool enables us to work with a large variety of electronic document formats and to project manage large or complex assignments.


Novo Verbo’s translation service combines with its editing and proofreading service

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Our translators are also trained and experienced editors and proofreaders in their native language.  Should a client wish, we can enhance the quality of the English or Spanish language source text prior to translating that text into the other language.

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