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We go beyond meaning

Novo Verbo produces texts that are highly readable and that stand as works of literature in their own right.

We believe that there is more to written translation than simply knowledge of the language pair.  Translators must be accomplished writers in their native language.  Drawing on our training in the grammatical, discourse and socio-linguistic conventions of Spanish and English, we start by providing texts that clearly and accurately transmit information and meaning.  Beyond that however, we separate ourselves from the competition and from machine translation tools, by also drawing on our experience as writers and editors in our native languages.  Our clients deserve not just certainty about the meaning of a text, but also a superior rendition of it in the target language.

We strive for continuous improvement

Novo Verbo consultants work at maintaining their native and second language linguistic skills and continually strengthen their technical skills

We recognize that just as language itself is dynamic and forever evolving, so too is the language industry and the technology for producing high quality texts.  We are professional linguists and continually supplement our outstanding formal qualifications with practical formal and informal education and training.  We pass to one another the new knowledge we gain.  Alex`s rolling three year NAATI accreditation requires him to undertake continual professional development as a translator into English and as a user of the Spanish language.

We offer synergies

Together, the principal Novo Verbo consultants:

  • are natives of both the Hispanic and the Anglophone cultural traditions
  • intimately know the standard and many regional varieties of both languages
  • are able to collaborate on each project to ensure the correct interpretation of meaning in written translation and spoken interpretation
Our principal consultants have complementary skill sets

We offer the uncommon guarantee within the Spanish-English language pair that comes from having two consultants in the same company that are native users of each language.  This is particularly important for translated texts, as it ensures complete recognition of source language literary devices and cultural references and their optimal inclusion in the target text.

We are a dynamic small enterprise

Novo Verbo is a socially and environmentally aware business operating in one of the world`s most dynamic countries for small enterprise development

Our consultants operate via internet from home in a paperless environment.  We leave no carbon footprint.

We are proudly Peruvian and proudly female owned and operated.  As the United Nations Secretary General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, has said:

Peruvian women are known around the world for their entrepreneurial spirit.”

In Peru, micro and small enterprises account for 40% of GDP, and 4 out of every 10 formal jobs.  Clients buying our services, also buy into, support and benefit from this tradition of dynamism and innovation.